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hi everybody thanks for visiting my blog. my name is huliscool and these are my select sounds. i like melodies that i hear played on the guzhen and qin. i love fast drums. these drumlines that you will hear in my songs is what it sounds like in my head when my mind is clear.
i used to make dnb and jungle music, but now i'm experimenting with other types of sounds, outside of drums. two concepts that i'm currently thinking about are "La Ley de la Vida" and "The Human Race". these may become titles for my past works, or perhaps for my next album.
please have fun scrolling around this site and exploring my older music. my soundcloud is /huliscool. i have some music videos for my oldest songs here.
thanks for listening - huliscool ( gmatcrammer@gmail.com )

season 1

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east vs west. the east is the origin of our reality. the sun begins its journey in the eastern sky. it is said that our ancestors first left ethiopia by journeying eastward towards asia. the west gives rise to divison. without western thought, we would never think to seperate ourselves and define eachother by our differences. as it continues to develop however, the goals of western philosophy return to concepts which are ancient to eastern culture and philosophy. we seem to always forget where we came from, and the history that has shaped our world, but the memory of the human race persists.

al bosque

cielo del bajo

stupida es bonita

word wassup

season 2

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tortuja vieja

frequencia tierra

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bolin3 (be online) this is not a club song i have never been to a club in my life

guess i'll bounce

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